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I am a very eclectic person with a wide variety of interests and positions. I have been many things over the years, but the ones I enjoy the most are being a husband, father, ordained pastor, teacher, and all around tech geek! I teach computers and Latin on-line, plus I work at one of the coolest jobs I have ever had as an Associate Reference Librarian.

This blogspace shares the musings from my own thoughts and beliefs and do not reflect any of the organizations to which I belong to or work for. I may cover a variety of topics depending on what is happening at the time, or things that strike my fancy. Some of them may be based upon my deeply held religious beliefs from a conservative Christian perspective.  I must admit that I may be biased at times.  I am unashmed of the fact that I am Christian, however a very respectful one. I will never bash or disrespect an individual for religious reasons. However, I may question their motives and what there actions/consequences have led to.

As for politics, well, anything may be talked about and I am open to fair discussions. As a citizen of this once great nation, I have every right to voice my opinion about the issues and candidates who are elected to office; but only about their policies or voting records, not about them as an individual, unless it is a part of their character while in office.

I am not an official tea-partier, although I certainly agree with a lot of their perspective. It is time that we, the regular people of America, take back our country from those who would seek to destroy it!


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